Whole House Water Filtration Method – Filtering All Water In Your House

If you prefer to filter water in the shower head, kitchen faucets in the kitchen and bathroom at once, a whole house water filtration method might be your best option. You simply install one filtering system at the point where water enters the whole house. This installation method is called the point-of-entry (POE) water treatment system. This method is best if you want to remove sediment and/or remove chlorine only.  Also, if you also have hardness in your tap water, you can buy a POU treatment system that comes as filter and softener combinations.

Multipure Aquasource Wholehouse Water Filter - Best Whole House Filtration Option

Comes with NSF Certified Solid Carbon Block

Why do I need a filtering system?

Your public water treatment facility may have received an award for the best tasting water in your county or state. This does not guarantee that the drinking water coming to your house will taste as good. In fact, it could taste worst. Several factors can cause your water to be contaminated after it leaves the facility and travels through the pipes to your home. These can include:

  • Bacterial regrowth – bacteria contamination inside the pipes as it travels to your home;.
  • Plumbing systems in your house which can add yucky tastes to your tap water.
  • Some treatment plants may not completely remove hardness in your water

Other factors that may cause you to look for a whole house water filtration method can also include:

  • Fluoridation – Some people detest fluoride in water but their public supply system fluoridates water. You need a good filtration method to remove excess fluoride in your drinking water.
  • Alkaline water – Most people prefer alkaline water for medical reasons so they need good alkaline water filter.

Multipure Aquasource is new on the market and Aquasource is already a top of the line whole house water filtration system that is high in demand. Click to download a PDF copy of Aquasource performance data sheet. Visit the Multipure website more information and for other promotional opportunities when you buy a Multipure filter system. Check out Amazon and eBay for a wide range of selection of filter and softener combination.

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