Jug Pitcher Water Filters – Tips on Using Pitchers for Good Tasting Filtered Water

Magnified Image of Bacteria in Drinking Water

Magnified Photographic Image of Bacteria in Water

One tip about jug pitcher water filters is that it should be a temporary filtration option if you have to refill your pitcher several times a day. In that case you should consider an undersink installation for a permanent installation in a home, and/or a countertop filter with a hose attachment to the faucet for an apartment or house renters.

For those that continue to have jug pitcher filters, using them right will make sure you don’t have strange or really bad tasting water.  Here are some tips on using your jug for good tasting filtered water:

Installation – Although jug pitcher filters are easier and quicker to install, following the instructions of the manufacturer is also highly critical. If the manual says rinse filter 3 times before use, I will rinse 3 times plus one to make sure I remove all carbon specs which can give water a strange taste.

Bacterial Growth – Drink water in the jug pitcher filter as soon as possible to avoid bacterial re-growth inside the pitcher. Remember, these filters are also designed to remove chlorine taste and odor.  Since chlorine residual in tap water protects it from bacterial contamination, your filtered water is no longer protected because chlorine has been removed. Alternatively, keep filtered water in the refrigerator.

Maintenance – Clean the jug pitcher often. Replace the filter cartridge often as recommended by the manufacturer. If you begin to have strange taste or smell in your filtered water, it may be time to change it. Most jug pitcher water filters don’t last longer than two months. If you use it often, you may need to replace it sooner than two months if you experience strange taste or it’s filtering very slowly.

If you need to filter water for a family of three or more, a countertop or undersink will serve you better. You will save money on replacement filters and you don’t have to worry about water getting re-contaminated. A Brand like Multipure Water System give you great options for apartment or house renters, whole house, or restaurants. You can also do a water filter comparison of other brands before you decide on the best option.

NSF Multipure Water Filters better than jug pitcher water filters

Multipure Water Filter Systems

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