Garden Water Filter – Chlorine In Water Can Kill Your Beautiful Garden Flowers

How a Garden Water Filter Can Remove Chlorine that Can Kill PlantsA Garden Water Filter Can Keep Your Flowers Alive and Healthy

It’s flower planting season and you are debating whether to buy a garden water filter. It’s a great idea. You will be making a good investment because chlorine water can kill plants and vegetables. If you have never given it a thought to use a garden water filter, this is the best time to do it to keep your plant and flowers alive.

Why you need an inline garden water filter

While chlorine is a good chemical to bacteria in our drinking water, the residuals in the chemical can harm plants, and also humans. Chlorine water can kill the most essential bacteria plants need by destroying the beneficial bacteria that makes for plants to grow and look healthy. Organic soil need the essential microbes, earthworms, and fungi that flowers need for flower and plants to survive. To retain those microbes, you need good garden water filter system that can get rid of excess chlorine in spray water. Chlorine is good but it can also kill plants.

If you want your beautiful flower to survive and to maintain your well groomed lawn, there are several do-it-yourself garden water filter you can install or attach to your existing outdoor hose. Chlorine garden hose filter best seller brands are Rainshow’r GG-2010 Water Garden Filter System and the BMS Garden Hose Filter. Check customer reviews before you choose any to these filtration systems.

Chlorine residuals are also dangerous in drinking water

Chlorine is a good disinfectant which can also cause some health issues for humans. Chlorine residuals from the water treatment plants can result in dangerous disinfection byproducts (DBPs) which have been labeled as cancer-causing chemicals. Excessive chlorine in shower water can make eyes hurt after shower; it can also cause itchiness or dry skin after shower. Similar to a garden water filter, a shower shower water filter can get rid of excessive chlorine in water.

Testing water before buying a filter for garden hose

Sometimes you can smell chlorine as water comes out of the garden hose. But if you want to know the level of chlorine in your water, you could buy a do-it-yourself test kits before choosing the right garden water filter. These are inexpensive kits that can also show you if you need to buy a filter for your bathroom showerhead.

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