Water Fluoridation Debate Continues – Research Supports Fluoride In Drinking Water

Water Fluoridation Is Essential For Dental Health

As the fluoridation debate, another research shows that fluoride in water is not bad after all. New scientific report has again provided evidence on how the fluoride in drinking water, toothpastes, mouth rinses and other oral-care products prevents tooth decay. The report in the American Chemical Society Journal (ACS) Langumir is the reason fluoridation should not be totally condemned.

In the report, scientists explain that despite all the scientific research supporting fluoridation, hot debate exists over exactly how fluoride compounds reduce the risk of tooth decay. Various research reports have documented that fluoride helps to harden the enamel coating that protects teeth from the acid produced by decay-causing bacteria. EPA and CDC have recommended safe concentration for fluoridation.  The new study in ACS found that fluoride penetrates into and hardens a much thinner layer of enamel than previously believed, giving credibility to other theories about how fluoride works.

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The ACS report describes new evidence that fluoride in water also works by impacting the adhesion force of bacteria that stick to the teeth and produce the acid that causes cavities. The experiments revealed that fluoride reduces the ability of decay-causing bacteria to stick, so that also on teeth, it is easier to wash away the bacteria by saliva, brushing and other activity.

It is true that fluoridation can be harmful due to toxic byproducts. So is chlorination which can also produce other harmful byproducts called disinfection byproducts (DBPs) which EPA classified as potential cancer-causing chemicals. Why is there no such protest over chlorination like fluoridation? Why is there a society devoted to protest fluoridation when chlorination is equally bad (and very good as well).

Some need the fluoride more than others. But because some people despise fluoridation, we should not disregard all the scientific evidence about the good side of chloride in drinking water. Fluoridation is beneficial to most people; fluoride water filters are available to remove the chemical if you don’t like it in your drinking water.

For assistance in choosing the best fluoride water filter, feel free to use our step by step instructions on How to Search the NSF Website, Parts I&II or click on the image below:
Fluoridation Debate: How to Search NSF Website for Fluoride Water Filters

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