Eyes Hurt After Taking Shower – Why Shower Water Makes Your Eyes Burn

When Eyes Hurt After Taking Shower

  • Do your eyes hurt after taking shower?
  • Do you have itch or burning eyes after you shower or swim?

A chemical meant to help us could be hurting our eyes

Chlorine chemical used to kill bacteria in drinking water may also make your eyes hurt after taking shower. Chlorine Water treatment plan use to protect drinking water from bacteria contamination, the organisms or pathogens that can cause diseases or kill us. Most Water suppliers add chlorine to disinfect drinking water before they distribute to customers. Most of the chemical disappear before it gets to the tap but some residuals remain to keep the water disinfected all the way to the tap. However, these residuals can produce other potentially dangerous byproducts such as chloramines, Trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids.

While it is good to get protection from pathogens, the overdose of chlorine for water disinfection can be dangerous to health due to formation of hurtful byproducts. Some of these chlorine byproducts can give burning eyes or make eyes hurt after taking shower.

Some people who use water containing chloramine in excess of the safe level residual disinfectant level could experience burning eyes and nose, stomach discomfort or anemia. – Source: EPA

What to do when eyes hurt after taking shower

The EPA recommended annual average chlorine level at 4.0 mg/L or 4 ppm. So, if the chlorine level in shower water is higher than the recommended level, people who are allergic to chlorine may experience burning eyes or eyes hurt after taking shower.

If your eyes hurt all the time after taking shower and you want to get rid of the chlorine, buy yourself a good filter for shower water. You could find good ones on Amazon; just go through customer reviews before you buy one. Or if you don’t want to rush to buy a shower filter, you could buy a self-testing kit to tell you the level chlorine and if it would be worth it to buy showerhead filter. Better yet, consult with your doctor for the best advice if you itch or eyes hurting after taking shower.

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