Eyes Hurt After Taking Shower – Why Shower Water Makes Your Eyes Burn

When Eyes Hurt After Taking Shower; How to Remove Chlorine Problems in Shower Water

Do your eyes hurt after taking shower? What is in your shower water that gives you burning eyes after showering? To protect drinking water from organisms or pathogens that can cause diseases or kill us, water suppliers frequently add chlorine to disinfect drinking water to kill the organisms instead.  On the bad side, a portion of the chlorine in water can also turn to other potentially dangerous byproducts such as chloramines, Trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids. It is good to protect us from pathogens but the health danger to us is the formation of disinfection byproducts. Some of these chlorine byproducts make our eyes hurt after taking shower. It can also give bad strong chlorine odors.

Some people who use water containing chloramine in excess of the maximum residual disinfectant level could experience irritating effects to their eyes and nose, stomach discomfort or anemia. – Source: EPA

The EPA recommended annual average chlorine level at 4.0 mg/L or 4 ppm. So, if you shower all the time with water that contains higher concentration of chlorine than the average residual disinfectant level, you may feel your eyes hurt after taking shower.

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If you are feeling your eyes hurt after taking shower, you should buy one those self-testing kits to test for chlorine level in your shower water. Of course, the best and first option is to consult with your doctor if you constantly get irritations or eyes hurting after taking shower. Taking care of your eyes by a professional should be better. If you can smell chlorine in your bathroom during and/or gets irritation when shower water gets in contact with your eyes, there is a possibility the chlorine level in your shower water is high. You can confirm the level could test your water with one of the inexpensive portable chlorine test kits.

Get Rid of Chlorine That Makes Eyes Hurt After Taking Shower

Watersafe is the most popular chlorine test kit for tap water. Watersafe chlorine test kit is a single-use kit made for testing well and tap water that will detect chlorine as well as coliform bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, lead, iron, copper and hardness. The kit comes with an instruction on how to use and to compare with EPA drinking water standards.

The testing result test will tell you the quality of your water and how much chlorine is in it.

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