Alternatives to Bottled Water – Topmost Reasons You Should Consider an Alternative Lifestyle

Alternatives to Bottled Water

Spending money on packaged bottled water has many bad consequences, therefore, consumers are starting to find green alternatives to bottled water at events, in schools, and in offices. While it is fine to buy a bottle of water to make sure your personal hydration during your walking or jogging in the park, for instance, imagine if the millions of people living in your city buy one or two bottles of water a day—and here we speak of potential statistics about any ordinary city in the USA. As if you need further proof to find alternatives for bottled water instead, here are the top three compelling reasons to change your water alternative lifestyle.

  1. High cost is a good reason to find safe alternatives to bottled water because of this simple fact: bottled water is relatively expensive, often dismissed by critics as nothing but “glorified tap water.” Worse, only a quarter of bottled water brands come from natural springs, while the others are just filtered tap water.
  2. Damage to the environment: regardless of what industry advocates tell you through expensive marketing campaigns, the simple truth is that bottled water harms the environment. That’s why a more sustainable solution is to invest in other green alternatives to bottled water, like buying your own filtration system. Filtering your own drinking water is a healthier alternative than the commercial bottled filtered water.
  3. No taste difference: there have been blind taste tests conducted in which participants showed that they could not tell the difference between bottled and tap water. Worse, bottled water sometimes gives bad taste that feels like plastic or oil.  For that reason, if your tap water taste bad, it is better to look for other alternatives to bottled water before you decide on a preferred source of drinking water.
  4. E. coli scare – news of E. coli found in some bottled water has not been very comforting. While you enjoy the convenience of carrying bottled water anywhere, it’s no good news to know that these packaged water may contain harmful E. coli bacteria.

These are just a few of the most compelling reasons to find alternatives to bottled water, and these are just for starters. And as further tips of finding the best alternatives to bottled water, check out this post for cost comparisons between commercial bottled water and a water filtration system.

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