Top 4 Alternatives to Bottled Water – Filtering Systems That save Money over Bottled Water

Water Filters Alternatives to Bottled WaterFiltering your bad tasting tap water is one of the best alternatives to bottled water. It is a good way to save on your grocery bills while helping the environment. The good news is you can find an affordable water filter which can efficiently remove any type of bad chemicals that makes your water taste or smell bad. As one of the alternatives to bottled water, you can buy a filtering system for as little as $30 good enough to effectively improve bad tasting tap water for better tasting, refreshing, and healthful. You can also spend as much $600 for a more advanced filtration system that does more to remove chemicals of all kinds.

Filtering Alternatives to Bottled Water

  1. Check the post on the Best Rated Jug Filters for low cost household filtration systems that can save you money. Carafe, faucet-mount, and countertop water filters are easy to install and most are low cost. They are environmentally better alternatives to bottled water because they reduce shipping and packaging. Online prices for these types of filters can range between $15 and $100;
  2. Countertop models are good at filtering large volumes of water without any plumbing work, however they can add to countertop clutter and can’t be used with most spray or pull-down faucets. Countertop installation is the top water filter option for apartment dwellers or house renters. Online prices can also vary from $40 up to $500 depending on the quality of filter technology and independent certification;
  3. Check out the review of the 2013 Best Rated Undersink Water filters. An undersink system is installed permanently under kitchen counter requiring a plumber to cut into the plumbing systems. So, unless the lease agreement allows it, this type of installation is least water filter choice for apartment dwellers or house renters. Prices can be up to $1000 depending on the filter technology and/or other accessories that come with the system;
  4. If you are handy and would like to build your own homemade water filter–another excellent alternative to bottled water, check out this post on How to Build Your Own Water Filter.


Tips for Choosing the Best Water Filter

  1. Test your water to first find out what makes it taste bad. Testing tap your water before making a purchase will help you focus on the right filtration system that can effectively get rid of your water problems;
  2. Use our spreadsheet to compare costs and qualities of the different water filters your are researching;
  3. For a deeper research and to find out what chemicals a system is certified to remove, check out the instructions on How to Use the NSF Website for Certified Water Filters, or check out the Consumer Reports website for reviews and recommendations;

How to Search NSF Website for Water Filters

Other water filter tips and alternatives to bottled water:

  • Use a reusable BPA-free bottles to carry your filtered water when you go to gyms, offices, schools, sporting events, and more; or
  • Use bottles with filter attachments so you can filter water as you go, excellent alternatives to bottled water;

Share your thoughts and comments on your best alternatives to bottled water.

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