Multipure Aquaversa and Aquadome for Cancer-Causing Chemicals


Multipure Aquaversa and Aquadome Filters has just received NEW NSF Standard 401 Certification. This certification verifies that the Aquaversa and Aquadome systems are certified to reduce ibuprofen(over the counter pain reliever), estrone (hormone) DEET (pesticide and bug repellant), BPA (chemical compound found in plastics) and so much more. As of Saturday, March 21, 2015, Multipure’s… Read More


2015 Spring Sales Promotion – Multipure Water Filters

2015 Spring Sales Promotion for Multipure Filters

There is shower of savings going on right now at Multipure. This spring, Multipure wants to make your showerhead rain cleaner, better water with our Shower of Savings promotion! Multipure is the maker of one of the topmost filtration systems. In fact, two of their popular models, Aquaversa and Aquadome have just received NSF certification… Read More


Does Your Water Taste Like Medicine?

Does your water taste like medicine?

Does the water in your tap water taste like medicine? Many reports have shown that tiny amounts of pharmaceuticals — including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers, and other drugs – can be present in our drinking water supplies. So, if your water taste like medicine, there is hope and there is a solution.  Several filtration brands… Read More


Sour taste in Tap Water – Why My Tap Water Taste Sour

The pH level could affect the quality of your water or cause a sour taste. A pH value of water could make your water taste like acid or chalky. A lower number means your water is acidity make it taste sour or feel corrosive; and a higher value will increase its alkalinity make it taste… Read More


Top 10 Cheapest Best Selling Water Filters

Here is now the top 10 best selling water filters on Amazon right now. If you are looking for a water filtration best seller, you are in the right place: Posts similar to what you’ve just read:Best Rated Jug Water Filters – Where to Buy a Good Pitcher FilterWhy You Cannot Filter Hot WaterDo Carafe… Read More


A Better Water Filter Brand For Your Kitchen Faucet

Where to buy a better water filter

When you compare with Brita or Pur, what does a better water filter look like? All water filtration brands are not created equal. One can be an absorption and another an adsorption. Chances are if the system you bought is absorption, you may not get a quality filtered water. Adsorption differs from the more commonly… Read More


Free Water Testing Offer Scam

Free Water Testing Scam Offer

A free water testing offer is another method the water filter scam artists use to deceive unsuspecting customers. They will call their potential victims and offer to test their tap water for “free,” pretending to be doing these victims a favor. This scam practice happened again to some Danville Utilities water customers in Virginia. According… Read More


Water Scams On the Rise – Thieves Posing as Utility Workers

Water Testing Scam Can Cost You Big

According to a report on Water Online magazine, water scams are on the rise. Water thieves have been posing as utility workers. Therefore, utilities are on high alert this year, trying to prevent their customers from getting scammed. In Hillsboro, OR, police are warning “the public to be safe and be aware of activity by… Read More


Why Filtered Water is Slow Coming Out of Faucet

So your house filtered water is slow coming out of faucet with the brand new filtration system? Or maybe you just replaced the filter cartridge in an existing system and within a day or two filtered water is slow coming out your kitchen faucet. The water is just dripping. While this a common problem that… Read More


Best Water for Brewing Coffee – Making Your Coffee Taste Better

What is your best water for brewing coffee? If your coffee has not giving you the best tasting feeling, may be your tap water not good enough. The National Coffee Association says “the water you use is VERY important to the quality of your coffee.” Very true! Even if you have one of those expensive… Read More