2015 Winter Sales Promotion – Multipure Water Filters Bundle Up and Save

2015 Winter Sales Promotion for Multipure Filters

Multipure is offering 2015 winter sales promotion on all its top of the line water filter systems. During this spectacular winter sales, you can buy Multipure water filters in bundle and save. For many, winter means shorter days, colder weather, and bundling up for warmth. For Multipure, this 2015 winter sales promotion means a new… Read More


Why Filtered Water is Slow Coming Out of Faucet

So your house filtered water is slow coming out of faucet with the brand new filtration system? Or maybe you just replaced the filter cartridge in an existing system and within a day or two filtered water is slow coming out your kitchen faucet. The water is just dripping. While this a common problem that… Read More


Best Water for Brewing Coffee – Making Your Coffee Taste Better

What is your best water for brewing coffee? If your coffee has not giving you the best tasting feeling, may be your tap water not good enough. The National Coffee Association says “the water you use is VERY important to the quality of your coffee.” Very true! Even if you have one of those expensive… Read More


Multipure - Leader in Solid Carbon Block Technology

You can download the PDF version of the Compare Multipure Solid Carbon Block Technology document. Check out a lot more information about the technology and how you can take advantage of free promotional offers. Other Related Posts:Strange Taste In Your Tap Water – What Makes Tap Water Taste Strange?Multipure Drinking Water Filters – What a… Read More


Water Taste Worse with Pur Filter

When Your Water Taste Worse with Pur Filter

Water contamination can come from several unexpected sources. Even when your water supply is very good, some many unforeseen events. For instance, North Dakota’s Health Department confirmed that diesel fuel and antifreeze were introduced to water lines serving an apartment complex in Tioga. Who could have thought of that? Water Contamination in Tioga Apartment… Read More


Benefits of Solid Carbon Block – Reduces Exposure to Breast Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The word is out and all over about the life-saving health benefits of solid carbon block filtration system: reduces exposure to breast cancer-causing chemicals. It has long been established that Multipure solid carbon block filters are top of the line home filtration systems. Consumers’ reviews and satisfactions have shown that Multipure filters are solidly effective…. Read More


Water Tips for the National Drinking Water Week

National Drinking Water Week

During this National Drinking Water Week, I have assembled a few websites about useful water tips. These are just few tips to which can intern point you to other drinking water information. Feel free to share other sources in the comment box below. Avoid water filter scams – One scam victim by a deceptive salesperson… Read More


The Best Chromium Filter for Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water

The Best Chromium Filter for Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water Multi-Pure MP750 Plus RO is one of the best chromium filter option for reducing chromium-6 or hexavalent chromium in drinking water. Chromium can get into drinking water from steel and pulp mills, and erosion of natural deposits of chromium-3. While they are found naturally in… Read More


Bad Tasting Water After Filter Change

Bad Tasting Water After Filter Change How a Cheap Replacement Filter Can Make Your Water Taste Bad Having bad tasting water after you have changed your filter could be annoying. When you install a filter, you expect uninterrupted filtered water so you don’t have to buy bottled water. You have control over what you drink… Read More


Top 3 Least Expensive Water Filters Under $100 – Ways to Drink Water Without Bottled Water

Water filters come in different brands, shapes, and prices. But there are 3 least expensive water filter options to drink healthy water without the expense of bottled water. You can find a low cost water filter under $100 that will not break your budget. Yet, will give you healthier, better-tasting water that any expensive unit… Read More