Multipure Aquaversa and Aquadome for Cancer-Causing Chemicals


Multipure Aquaversa and Aquadome Filters has just received NEW NSF Standard 401 Certification. This certification verifies that the Aquaversa and Aquadome systems are certified to reduce ibuprofen(over the counter pain reliever), estrone (hormone) DEET (pesticide and bug repellant), BPA (chemical compound found in plastics) and so much more. As of Saturday, March 21, 2015, Multipure’s… Read More


2015 Spring Sales Promotion – Multipure Water Filters

2015 Spring Sales Promotion for Multipure Filters

There is shower of savings going on right now at Multipure. This spring, Multipure wants to make your showerhead rain cleaner, better water with our Shower of Savings promotion! Multipure is the maker of one of the topmost filtration systems. In fact, two of their popular models, Aquaversa and Aquadome have just received NSF certification… Read More


Benefits of RV Water Filters – Essential Items at RV Parks

RV water filters offer the best way to drink healthy water on the road without the cost of bottled water. By installing a water filter for RV, on your boat or caravan, you will get healthier filtered water than most bottled water. You will be assured of clean, odorless and tasty water during your adventure… Read More


Best Site for Reviews of Water Filters for RV

Reviews of water filters for RV or boat filters are available on most of the popular shopping site like Amazon, Buzzillions, and Home Depot, to mention a few.  I find those reviews better than the technical jargons in those product review magazines. For instance, reviews of water filters for RV on are from customers… Read More


Water Filter for RV – Drinking Safe and Healthy Water at Every Stop

Having a water filter for RV on your boat or in your caravan is among the essential tips for campers and vacationers. Whether on your boat or recreational vehicle (RV), a portable water filter ensures clean water to drink on the road and every time you stop at new locations. Oftentimes water along at your… Read More


Best Refrigerator Water Filter Review Sites

Fridge filters can give you a fresh drinking water and healthy ice cubes from your refrigerator. However, a good refrigerator water filter review can help you to choose the right filter for your fridge. A filter for your fridge water and ice cubes is very essential these days because tap water can taste strange or… Read More


Water Filter for Fridge – For Safe Drinking Water From Your Refrigerator

A water filter for fridge can give you a fresh drinking water and healthy ice cubes from your refrigerator. The need for safe drinking water is very essential. First is to protect you from various diseases in water dispensed from a refrigerator; and second, to give an alternative to buying bottled water. So, installing a… Read More


Use Water Filter for Shower Head For Disease-Free Showering and Bathing

Rainshow'r Shower Filter

The water filter for shower head can be fitted in your shower to remove impurities in your shower water. For instance, chlorine in water can make your eyes hurt and/or cause all sorts of issues like itchy and scaly skins after shower.  Other impurities like, chloramines, metals, and micro-organisms found in the water cause several… Read More


Bestselling Pitcher Water Filter on Amazon – Everyone’s Favorite Water Filter

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For a long while, the Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher has been a bestseller pitcher water filter on Amazon and it’s highly rated. A bestseller is “any product that among those of its kind is selling particularly well at a given time.” But here are the questions: Are Brita water filters worth it? Are Brita… Read More


Water Distiller Benefits – Advantages of Home Water Distillers

Chromium-6 or Hexavalent Chromium Symbol

The most significant water distiller benefits comprise the complete removal of dangerous bacteria and heavy metal contaminants in your tap water. With this water distiller benefits, the result is that your tap water will be free of dangerous contaminants. Water distillers are safe, effective, and completely worth the money. In fact, the entire household will… Read More


Water Distiller Problems and How to Fix Them

Despite obvious water distiller problems, most people believe the benefits of owning a distiller outweigh the problems. They believe that making distilled water at home is worth the money and efforts. Yet, the obvious health-related problems with a water distiller will discourage most people from buying one. Despite all the good things about a home… Read More


Water Distiller for Home – How to Make Pure Water with Distillers

Water distiller for home is a very compact machine for making pure water from the comfort of your kitchen countertop.  If you have always wanted homemade purified water, a home water distiller will save you money.  Your water will be clean and crystal clear after it has removed the dangerous organic and inorganic chemicals from… Read More